Two, 1-day workshops
One keynote speech

“Your presentation on transformational leadership at Paychex’s 2014 Leadership Conference provided our management team with valuable insight on how they create a culture that embraces changes and, in turn, how they can enable their teams to think about the positive possibilities that come with change.

The way that you integrated your thirty years of business experience with your talent as a magician created an engaging forum for learning for our company’s top leaders. Your presentation clearly supported our culture and demonstrated a perspective that I believe was meaningful and relevant to our business.

I believe that engaging you in our ongoing leadership development efforts was a valuable investment in our leaders and our company. Thank you for sharing your great story and expertise.  I hope other organizations choose to do the same.”

Marty Mucci, President and CEO, Paychex
Keynote speech

“Your performance and presentation provided the perfect ending to an intense and information packed meeting. You’ll be happy to know that you received very positive feedback from our associates. We feel confident that the message we discussed prior to the meeting, excellence, teamwork, leadership and communication, was enhanced and supported by your performance. It’s always a pleasure to work with a pro!”

Pamela K Wagoner, Senior Vice President Marriott International