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The magician makes something appear by revealing what has been hidden.
Likewise, your power to create and transform comes from what your heart desires to reveal and by consciously managing your thoughts, words, and actions to align with that deeper sense of purpose.
The magician makes something disappear by hiding it.
We all have things that we wish would disappear from our lives. What we really want to disappear is the anxiety created by those things. We develop strategies to make the anxiety go away but we end up only hiding it. It doesn't really disappear and our coping strategies get in our way - they hold us back. Truly making anxiety disappear comes from becoming conscious of our strategies for managing anxiety so we can make more effective choices.
The magician restores something that has been damaged by replacing it with something new.
The Restoration Act is about restoring hope. You can restore your own power by replacing outdated stories that are no longer useful with new stories that reflect your desired future.
Establishing and nurturing a connection to the deepest purpose of your organization, work and life.
Every act of creation begins with a thought and then your thoughts take their first form as words. What you speak is what you create.
If you're human, chances are you have a set of beliefs and assumptions that limit you. Most likely they're not true and you're probably not aware of them. Awareness of our limiting beliefs and assumptions equips us to stop using them in order to act from a more empowering foundation.
Working with trusted allies who hold you to your highest self - someone who will point out blind spots where your beliefs and assumptions may be limiting you.
Practicing courage, openness, transparency, and vulnerability to realize deeper levels of strength and create trust. Being open and vulnerable is a strength, not a weakness. Having the courage to be open, transparent and vulnerable about thoughts and feelings paves the way for learning from mistakes, gaining strength through adversity, and diffusing crippling fear. Expressing thoughts and feelings appropriately is a powerful foundation for trust and eliminates barriers to greater achievement.
Transformation requires changes in thinking, feeling, and acting. To make these changes it's essential that you practice, get mentoring, take advantage of existing structures, and have the awareness and courage to make new choices.
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