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A Special Place In My Heart 

Founded in 1974, Friends of Guest House is a charity that helps Northern Virginia women successfully reenter the community from incarceration. Guest House believes your past does not define your future.

Andrew Bennett giving back

Guest House is an impressive model of success:

  • Without re-entry support, 70% of ex-offenders nationwide re-offend within two years.
  • Among Guest House graduates, fewer than 15% re-offend.

Since their founding, Guest House has served about 3,000 women. Most of those women are mothers, and helping mothers also helps their children: about 4,000 children, in total, over the years.

My wife, Jennifer, and I are proud to be part of this program.

We conduct workshops with the women of Guest House using my Transformation Framework to help them clarify what they want to make Appear in their lives (jobs, housing, supportive relationships), what they want to make Disappear (addiction, dysfunctional relationships, bad influences), and what they want to Restore (relationships with family, self-esteem, health).


Get in touch and let Andrew know how he can be of help!