Andrew can revitalize organizations and individuals in a number of ways.

Inspirational Speaking

A great speaker should lift the spirits of your audience and empower them to think, engage, and act in more effective ways. I know the importance of linking my presentations to the purpose, objectives, and theme of your event so that it impacts performance. Using my Transformation Framework, we co-design your presentation to achieve the outcomes that will make a difference for your business and the people who work there. I’ve also been a magician for almost 50 years, and I use world-class magic to illustrate my points. It’s fun, it keeps people interested, and it makes the learning memorable.

Andrew Bennett workshops


Half or full-day workshops allow participants to dive deeply into your organization’s specific issues. In 25 years, I’ve worked with organizations on all kinds of issues – for example, preparing for organizational changes, improving employee engagement, and expanding strategic thinking. I’ve worked with lots of different personalities, helped people navigate challenging dynamics, and I’ve accumulated a lot of tools, processes, and principles that will enable you to achieve breakthroughs in a day or less.

Andrew Bennett coaching

Transformation Consulting

I’ve been involved in culture transformation projects with nearly 40 organizations, partnering with leaders to create workplaces where people can thrive. These projects take time because culture revitalization is a process, not an event. I am a trusted advisor to leaders who value the human spirit and know that when people thrive, the organization will thrive.

Andrew Bennett coaching


I do one-on-one and group coaching to help people access more of their potential. As a coach, I’m an outside observer that can help you discover blind spots that may be holding you back. I’ll always remind you of your strengths while guiding you to rise above your limitations. I can help you navigate change, conflict, and places where you’re stuck, and I can be your thought-partner to think through choices and decisions. As your coach, I assume that you are whole and capable.


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