Any presentation worth its salt should change how people think, engage, and act. Having been an executive, OD consultant, and leadership coach Andrew
knows the importance of linking his presentations to the purpose, objectives, and theme of your event so that it impacts performance. Using
his Transformation Framework Andrew co-designs each presentation with his client.

Here are three of the most common ways Andrew is positioned.
• Kickoff presentation– get your day off to an inspiring, entertaining start that can shape the tone for your event
• Mid-day energizer– laugh, learn and be amazed to get re-energized after lunch
• Closing presentation– sum up your event with an inspiring closing that can tie together your theme

Half or full-day workshops allow participants to dive deeply into the Transformation Framework to learn how to apply the principles in their work lives. The opportunity to immerse in the principles and apply them to actual realworld situations enables people to go back to work with new tools they will use right away. Workshops are codesigned with clients so that learning is applied to the organization’s specific goals.

Combining a group presentation with a workshop is powerful. Begin with an entertaining overview, typically in the evening, then, the next morning people dig in and apply what they learned.

For the past two decades Andrew has been involved in long-term projects with nearly 40 organizations working to transform culture. This experience makes him a valuable trusted advisor to leaders who understand the importance of people power – the power of thinking, engaging, and collaborating. Andrew can guide leaders and leadership teams through the process of cultural transformation.

One-on-one and group coaching establishes a developmental process. Coaching conversations give way to action that can be nurtured over time. Andrew is particularly recognized for his work in helping leaders tap into their own authenticity.