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“Andrew does an amazing job of sharing his own personal story, his love of magic, and his knowledge of the information to really help you examine and reflect on your own life to achieve a better version of yourself.
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The Magic of Hope Workshop

Create a Life and Culture of Vibrant Hope

Real change takes intentional focus, but with all of our responsibilities, it's hard to prioritize what's most important and make a meaningful plan of action.

The Restorative Workshops allow participants to disconnect from everything else so they can learn the skills and mindset needed to create better lives and organizations.

As a result, they develop a greater awareness of themselves and others, reconnect with their sense of vision and purpose, and leave equipped to cultivate an environment where they and others feel vitally alive.

Fortune 500 Companies

Twelve-Hour Program, Available as 2 Full Days or 4 Half-Day Sessions

Available Virtually and In-Person

Workshop One

The Restorative MindsetTM

This life-changing workshop empowers participants to fulfill their potential and help others achieve theirs by taking their power back and creating the life they were meant to live.

  • Reframe negative narratives about themselves and others
  • Find their “North Star,” a crystal-clear vision and purpose that will guide them towards the future they want
  • Identify the energy-drainers that are keeping them from creating their best life
  • Develop strategies and practices for managing their negative reactions to stressful situations
  • Revitalize important connections between themselves and others

Twelve-Hour Program, Available as 2 Full Days or 4 Half-Day Sessions

Available Virtually and In-Person

Workshop Two

The Restorative Leader

This workshop equips leaders to understand how their internal thought process, and subsequent actions, influence the performance of their people so they can create a vibrant workplace where their people feel vitally alive, their talents flourish, and they work together to bring out the best in each other.

  • Use intentional communication to bring out the best in others
  • Clarify their purpose, link it to their organization’s purpose, and facilitate connection of their employees’ purpose to the organization’s
  • Nurture the co-creation of their organization’s story, and connect people’s heads, hearts, and hands to the organization’s future
  • Identify activities that prevent them from focusing on their priorities and engage in difficult conversations about eliminating them
  • Identify reactive behavior, so they can manage the impact of that behavior on others — particularly followers
  • Coach others to manage their reactive behavior, so they can foster better relationships
  • Identify and repair damaged elements in their lives like relationships, self-confidence, and integrity with values
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