Hope is a Strategic Advantage

There’s a famous saying in business: “Hope is not a business strategy,” to which I would like to...
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The Restorative Mindset

Mom was taking my seven-year-old sister, Kelly, to the dentist. I was almost three years old, and I...
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For the first 20 years of my adult working life, I was driven by what I wanted to...
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Hope is a Strategic Advantage

There’s a famous saying in business: “Hope is not a business strategy,” to which I would like to say, as politely as possible, bullshit. Wishful thinking is not a business strategy, but show me a business that doesn’t have hope, and I’ll show you a depressing place to work and,...
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The Big Talk Podcast

What is the core of leadership? Is it power? Titles? Position? Today’s guest shares the counter-intuitive perspective that leadership begins with courageous authenticity. You’ll learn how to become a more effective leader by focusing on the “inner game” of leadership and becoming more vulnerable and transparent.
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Abandonment, Misfortune, and a Vanishing Act for Trauma

At what moment do you admit, “yes, I have trauma?” It took decades for magician Andrew Bennett to identify and acknowledge he has experienced trauma. Yet, living through so many extreme traumatic challenges from a young age, like the loss of family both metaphorically and literally, not only shaped Bennett...
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Andrew Bennett: Revitalizing the Human Spirit at Work

Would you say that the human spirit could use some revitalization? It’s an interesting concept to bring to the workplace from the coaching perspective. In today’s show, we’re talking about courage, compassion, inspiration, and aligning with your truth.
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In the News

The Top Motivational Speakers To Follow in 2022

The Claudine Arthurs Agency, a New York City-based publicity and marketing agency, today announced a diverse group of speakers as The Top Motivational Speakers to Follow in 2022.
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Andrew Bennett: The Surprising Secret of Magic in Business

As society evolves in the direction of innovation, digital influence, and rapid information delivery, workplaces must follow suit in order to remain relevant and engaging to modern employees. Bill Fox, a thought leader and author with decades of experience in the business world, has interviewed 31 global business leaders about...
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Andrew Bennett: Life is a Precious Gift

Designed to inspire current and future business owners and executives, this volume of profiles highlights personal stories and words of wisdom from a diverse group of business professionals. 
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