Restorative Leadership Program

Empower your leaders to create an environment where innovation, trust, and the human spirit thrive

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"When we started, I had some issues on my leadership team. I believe they stemmed from me not being the leader I needed to be. The very first session really helped me see that I needed to look inward first.

Now, I think we’re on the right track to building a team that will be stronger moving forward."

Kim Guardado

Director, Hawkeye Area Community Action Program Food Reservoir

Leadership the way
it was meant to be

Leadership can be a heavy burden. There are responsibilities to meet, results to deliver, and constant problems that need solving.

It’s easy to forget that leadership is also about human beings.

Your people matter, and not just as human capital.

Growing as a leader requires expert guidance, which is why I created the Restorative Leadership program. I help leaders see their role as part of a greater calling to help others so they are inspired to take responsibility for creating an atmosphere of trust and psychological safety.

These restorative leaders leave empowered to foster whole-hearted teams, inspiring their people to better collaboration, innovation, and performance.

Discover how the Restorative Mindset can change your organization.

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Restorative Leadership

Create an Environment Where Innovation, Collaboration, and Performance Thrive

6-Month Leadership Cohort Program

This immersive program guides your leaders in developing a mindset and presence of restorative leadership. Each leader will join a cohort of 11 other leaders as they journey through a process of enlightenment, education, and focused growth. Your leaders will be equipped with the resources to increase employee engagement and connection and sustain a positive environment by cultivating well-being and psychological safety for themselves and others.

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Leadership Circle Profile Assessment

Month One

First, your leaders establish a foundational understanding of themselves and the way they impact others through a rigorous assessment process that includes a one-on-one 90-minute debriefing. At the end, they will have one big goal to focus on during the program.



Weekly 3-hour Workshop, 4 Weeks

Next, they will learn the tools and resources they need to grow their Restorative MindsetTM through the following workshops.

The Power of Words
The Appearing Act
The Disappearing Act
The Restoration Act

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Group Coaching

90 Minutes a Month

Last, participants meet with their cohort each month, offering support as they apply what they’ve learned to their developmental goals and acquiring coaching techniques to better help each other. Between sessions, they’ll receive monthly encouragement and stay connected through a private online group.

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