The Big Talk Podcast

What is the core of leadership? Is it power? Titles? Position? Today’s guest shares the counter-intuitive perspective that leadership begins with courageous authenticity. You’ll learn how to become a more effective leader by focusing on the “inner game” of leadership and becoming more vulnerable and transparent.
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Abandonment, Misfortune, and a Vanishing Act for Trauma

At what moment do you admit, “yes, I have trauma?” It took decades for magician Andrew Bennett to identify and acknowledge he has experienced trauma. Yet, living through so many extreme traumatic challenges from a young age, like the loss of family both metaphorically and literally, not only shaped Bennett...
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Andrew Bennett: Revitalizing the Human Spirit at Work

Would you say that the human spirit could use some revitalization? It’s an interesting concept to bring to the workplace from the coaching perspective. In today’s show, we’re talking about courage, compassion, inspiration, and aligning with your truth.
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Andrew Bennett: Magical Transformation

Do you believe in magic? More specifically, do you believe in the POWER of magic? You might be surprised at how the principles of magic play into the world of coaching, inspiration, and unlimited possibility—and that’s where today’s show takes us. Join us for the ride.
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Positively Magical

Inviting a magician to your strategic planning session, leadership training or visioning workshop sounds crazy, right? Magicians are for kids. Not so! Let us introduce you to Magic on Purpose and Andrew Bennett, the founder, and Dan Trammattor, a member of the group. They use magic to shift perspectives. Their...
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Urgently Using Your Voice With Andrew Bennett

Andrew had a lot of high-highs and low-lows in his life that involved several losses beginning at very young age — including losing his mom and 7-year-old sister before he was even 3 years old. And those losses really laid the foundation for what became important to him and what...
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