Revitalizing the

Human Spirit

I guide people to live from their inner strength.

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On average 75% of people are not living up to their potential at work, and 70% of employees are disengaged.

Let’s work together to create a vibrant workplace where people feel vitally alive, their talents flourish, and they work together to bring out the best in each other.


People aren’t conscious of the ways their thoughts and feelings prevent their best thinking, negatively impacting relationships, and blocking creative problem-solving.

Let’s work together to create an environment where people are self-aware and able to manage their inner mind game.


Disengagement and unused potential stifles creativity, teamwork, and resilience, and limits growth and change.

Let’s work together to make your organization an incubator of capability, a safe place for overcoming limitations and a place of realized potential.

Watch this video to learn about online presentations and workshops to help you build fierce mental strength and take inspired action during these tough times.



Looking for a speaker to lift the spirits of your audience and unlock the power of their minds while entertaining them with world-class magic?

Andrew Bennett organizational consulting


Do you want to build a culture where people are positive, optimistic, and open to change? Where they lift one another up, and where self-awareness and taking personal responsibility prevail over blame?

Andrew Bennett coaching


Need help navigating change, conflict, or places where you’re stuck? Need a thought-partner to think through choices and decisions? Need to develop your leadership abilities?


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I believe that engaging you in our ongoing leadership development efforts was a valuable investment in our leaders and our company.

Martin Mucci
President and CEO, Paychex

Andrew’s ability to creatively and uniquely share the message of inspirational leadership to others is a true gift. I have hired him to do work in every organization that I have been a part of.

Kristin Russell
Global President, Arrow Intelligent Systems

Andrew can bring together diverse groups, manage quality conversations and then help members create a lasting solution. The great benefit of working with Andrew is his ability to foster creative thinking to problems facing organizations while at the same time getting the buy-in of key stakeholders.

Rob Nissly
Housing Director, Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley

Andrew is an innovative persona with a special talent for delivering information in a way that managers and others from a broad range of backgrounds can understand and use.

Scott Johnson
Vice President, Global Service Sales Sun Microsystems (Oracle)

The real secret to Andrew is his authenticity, an authenticity I have rarely experienced.

Don Kent
Chief Strategy Officer, NatureServe

He received a standing ovation from our group which is a rarity, and it was crystal clear that he provided a message that was relevant and well-received.

Chris Wigent
Executive Director, Michigan Association of School Administrators

Andrew Bennett is an organization development genius!

Steve Farber
Chairman, Extreme Leadership Institute

One conversation with Andrew can change your life for good, forever.

Mark Matteson
Best Selling Author and Speaker, Peak Performance Coaching


Get in touch and let Andrew know how he can be of help!