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Are you trying to build a team or organization where people thrive and live to their fullest potential? Where fulfillment is just as important as productivity?

If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place.

I help leaders and teams...

  • Get out of survival mode and stop reacting to problems and changing priorities
  • Raise the energy levels, trust, and creativity of those around them
  • Empower others to take more responsibility for their actions and contributions
  • Create a collaborative and fulfilling environment
  • Become agents of change who engage employees in the creation of an inspiring future
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leadership is personal.

Your culture and the way people behave are often a reflection of what’s coming from inside.

Creating an environment where people thrive starts at the top. When leaders shift how they think...

radical transformation happens.

Are you ready to be a leader who inspires your people and culture to thrive?

Join me on
a journey to

the Restorative

hi. i’m andrew.

I spent the first ten years of my career climbing the corporate ladder. I thought success meant an impressive title, a corner office, a fancy car, and a house on the golf course.

I got all those things, but they didn’t make me happy.

So, I left the comfort of a steady job to create my own leadership development company. I thought I could prove I was a successful guy by helping companies lead big change initiatives.

And I was successful. I have some great case studies with impressive success metrics. (You can see those here.)

But I still didn’t feel fulfilled.


Despite the appearance of success on the outside, there was a void in me — a big hole in my heart and soul.

A lifetime of loss had led me to alleviate the pain by seeking approval from the outside world, but it was my inside world that needed to change.

I discovered The Restorative Mindset, and I used it to turn my life around.

Now I guide others to find inner peace, changing themselves and others from the inside out.

I have brought together 40 years of business leadership and the experience of transforming tragedy into triumph.

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It’s a pretty powerful combination, leading to a place beyond material success.

My clients meet their goals, but they also feel fulfilled and create environments where people thrive at work.

I’d love to help you get there.

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“Andrew Bennett redefines the term ‘keynote speaker.’”

—Traci Allen, President of the National Association for Catering and Events

Magic has been a part of my life since I was seven years old. I’m a member of London’s Magic Circle and the founder of Magic on Purpose. It’s also a key part of my work with leaders, thanks to my mentor Ross Perot.

Ross's encouragement to use magic in my presentations helped me discover my unique ability to connect life-changing principles with magic in a way that elevated both. More than just a way to delight and engage audiences, it has been a powerful tool for helping them understand and remember my presentations long after the event is over.

Trusted By:

Tricia B

“Andrew Bennett is one of the most inspiring, brilliant, and impactful speakers I have ever met. He understands the human experience, what it means to have hope and how to turn it into a daily practice. You want this speaker on speed dial.”

Tricia Brouk

Award-winning filmmaker, TEDx Producer, and Executive Producer of Speakers Who Dare NYC

Chris W

“I knew after the first ten minutes of Andrew’s remarks that we had found someone special. He received a standing ovation from our group, which is a rarity and a testament to the impact he made. I feel very fortunate that we could have someone of his quality and talent provide us with the keynote speech at our fall conference.”

Chris Wigent

Executive Director, Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA)

Martin M

“Engaging Andrew in our ongoing leadership development efforts was a valuable investment in our leaders and our company.”

Martin Mucci

President and CEO, Paychex

Are you ready to develop your Restorative Mindset?

Together, We’ll Journey Through Three Essential Steps to Create a Future You Love

Step One:


Identify what you deeply desire to create in the world.

Restoration requires clarity. You’ll clarify how you want to help others and what you want your future to look like — knowing where you’re going and why is the foundation for a better life, serving as your North Star, guiding your actions and decisions, inspiring you to move forward with joy.

Step One: Appear: Identify What You Depply Desire to Create in the World
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Step Two: Disappear: Eliminate what gets in your way

Step Two:


Eliminate what gets in the way.

Next, you’ll address your obstacles to restoration. Externally, you’ll identify and stop the activities that drain your valuable time and energy. Internally, you’ll become aware of your self-defeating, reactive thoughts and develop creative strategies for responding positively to stressful situations.

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Step Three:


Build Strength from Adversity.

This final step is about finding the courage to heal what has been damaged — relationships, confidence, and even alignment with values. As you make and execute a plan for healing, you’ll feel more fulfilled and be able to create an environment where others thrive.

Step Three: Restore: Build strength from adversity
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How Can I Best Help You?


Experience the start of a better future with keynotes designed to spark real change. By incorporating magic to illustrate my points, I engage the audience at a visceral level that helps them remember my teaching long after the event.


Dive deep into the principles of the Restorative MindsetTM and begin your whole-hearted transformation. My workshops offer participants an opportunity to get inspired and work alongside each other.

Restorative Leadership Program

Empower your leaders to create a whole-hearted workplace where everyone thrives. My program provides the time and support your leaders need to master new ways of thinking and acting through a cohort-based process.


Transform the way you live and lead. I provide guidance, feedback, inspiration, accountability, and personal follow-up for individuals and groups ready to do the hard work of building a life and culture that matter.

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The first step is often the hardest, but you can find the courage to take it. Get clarity and inspiration for your first step with my free guidebook.

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