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Andrew has worked with multiple clients on long-term projects to revitalize their cultures, develop their leaders, and increase revenue.

Here are a Few Examples

This multi-year project with Sun Microsystems transformed the structure, culture, and profitability of their service division.

  • Transitioned from an expense center to a profit center, growing an average of 19% annually for the duration of the project.
  • Made an immeasurable impact on morale. Service employees no longer felt like they were a necessary evil in the company but instead felt like they had a valuable purpose.

This nine-month project with Motorola’s silicon wafer fabrication plant in Tempe, Arizona, revolutionized supervisor engagement and the plant’s overall performance.

  • The plant rose from being #15 out of 15 global plants to being the #1 performer just 18 months after the project started.
  • Supervisors transformed from victims to leaders, moving beyond feelings of helplessness to take responsibility for their own transformation.

This leadership program leveraged the challenges presented by COVID-19 to facilitate transformation and growth in a select group of food bank CEOs. The results led to an organization-wide roll-out of the program sponsored by Walmart.

  • Participants saw, on average, a 30% increase in effectiveness in the eight
    competencies taught by the program.
  • CEOs shifted from being overwhelmed do-ers to inspirational leaders that
    empowered their employees to realize more of their potential in serving their

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