Organizational Transformation

A Leader’s Guide to Culture

In the summer of 1982, between my junior and senior year of college, I worked on the assembly line at GM’s Lansing Car Assembly, putting parts on Oldsmobiles. A few days into the job, one of my co-workers, the shop steward for the union, approached me. “Hey, Andy, you need to slow down. Some of … Read more

From Pain In the Ass to Purpose

watering flowers

Driving along the beautiful waterfront in Tacoma, Washington I noticed a guy up a ladder watering flower baskets. His truck had a Metropolitan Park District emblem on its door so I decided to pull over because Metro Parks had just posted a request for proposals to find a consultant to help them develop a strategic … Read more

A Dose of Leadership

Dose of Leadership logo: Inspiring Interview with Today's Relevant Leaders

Recently I was interviewed by Richard Rierson, host of the Dose of Leadership podcast. I’m proud of this interview and invite you to listen to it for free – no strings attached. In the interview I share how Ross Perot taught me what is possible with great leadership and how to create cultures where ordinary … Read more

$4 Million For Your Thoughts

stacks of $100 bills

A 30-second spot during the Super Bowl is fetching between $3.7 and $4 million this year. Clearly advertisers place a very high value on getting into your thoughts. Leaders would do well to recognize this as a strategy for harnessing the potential of people. It is a strategic advantage when people have your organization’s goals at the top of their minds and the bottom of their hearts.

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The Magic of Mentoring

Andrew Bennett mentoring

Have you ever received a gift that changed your life? I have. On Christmas day 1968 when my grandparents gave me an Adams Magic Set. On that day I ripped open the large, mysterious package and began practicing a craft that has changed how I see the world, created great joy, helped change lives, and … Read more

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Power of Wow logo

This time of year we celebrate the spirit of wonder, magic, and belief. It fuels the season. As a magician, one of my goals is to give people the experience of wonder year ‘round. There’s nothing better than seeing people become excited seeing the impossible made possible when making a bowling ball appear out of … Read more

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