It’s Not All About You

David Devant

Take a good look at this poster of legendary British magician David Devant. Compare this to Devant’s colleagues… Most magicians shined the spotlight on themselves. Thurston called himself, “World’s Famous Magician,” Blackstone, “World’s Master Magician,” and Kellar “The Great Magician.” They were focused on invoking power and posturing to elevate their own stature. David Devant’s … Read more

Houdini at the Library of Congress!

Andrew looking at Houdini publications

Experience of a lifetime today exploring Harry Houdini’s personal collection at the Library of Congress. They have nearly 4,000 items including correspondence, scrapbooks, paraphernalia, and books – the oldest, Reginald Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraft from 1651, which we were able to hold in our bare hands. We were able to read letters Houdini wrote to … Read more

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